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2020-5-14 12:56:48

DeltaTRAK Intransit Recorder User’s Manual


•The proper way for Shipper to document the existence of the recorder.


1.The serial number of the recorder needs to be listed in the Commercial Invoice andshipping documents. The Commercial Invoicewill indicate DeltaTRAK recorder serialnumber F999,999 along with 500 boxes of apples as an example.


2.The shipper needs to fill out the yellow shipping document and has to sign thedocument indicating that they have checked the recorder has been activated bypulling out the Tab along with the yellow document which activates the unit. Theyellow document is then attached to the shippers file copy of the shipping manifest.承运人需要填写黄色的运输信息纸,并签字。这表明他们已经检查过记录仪,并撕下黄色信息纸,拉出了“TAB”


3.The shipper looks at the gear window and confirms that the gear is moving andplaces the recorder in the middle of the load and marks location of the recorder onthe pallet.


4.The carrier now has the responsibility oftransporting the entire content of thecontainer that is listed in the commercial invoice to the receiver.


5.The container is only opened at the receiversite and the recorder is delivered to thereceiver along with the contents of the container. The carrier cannot remove therecorder from the container as it does not belong to the carrier.


6.If the recorder's security seal is tampered then the surveyor at the receiver will takea digital picture of the recorder in the condition it arrived and will use that asevidence against the carrier for tampering with the recorder.


7.DeltaTRAK Inc., as a third party can issue a manufacturer's letter of complianceindicating the serial number, date of manufacturer, NIST traceable standard used,and production and quality check documents per ISO standards that the units werefully functional at the time of shipment to the customer. Therefore any claims thatthe unit did not have charts/documents indicates that the recorder was tamperedduring use.


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